One of the world’s most exciting and renowned safari destinations is the East African country of Kenya. This country is well endowed with great natural resources, an array of national parks, beautiful scenery with great, panoramic views and some of the world’s largest and best collection of wildlife. There is a large number of different species of wildlife. These include wildebeest, zebra, water-buck, flamingos, antelopes of all kind and of course, the big five. The wildlife is found throughout various national parks and game parks across the vast savanna lands of a Kenya Tour Travel vacation.

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A Kenya tour travel will be incomplete without taking a trip to the great national parks and viewing the amazing game. There are over 10 major national and game parks in the country. The greatest of these is the world famous Maasai Mara. The Maasai Mara Game Reserve is a prime national park where visitors get to view a wide variety of game including a chance to view all the big five. At this national park, there are over 200 lions with large prides containing up to 30 lions. Other animals likely to be spotted here are buffalo, giraffe, cheetahs, hyenas, a variety of small mammals and many other animals.

Every year, there is the annual migration of wildebeest from the vast savanna lands of the Serengeti National Park neighboring Tanzania to the lush green plains of the Maasai Mara. This amazing spectacle is epitomized by the crossing of theMaraRiver. In order to get to the lush green plains of the Maasai Mara, the animals have to cross the treacherous crocodile infested waters of theMaraRiver. Many tourists and travelers from around the world visit this prime national park to view this spectacle. It involves about 2 million wildebeests migrating en masse and avoiding the hazards on their journey that includes lions and crocodiles.

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Visitors on a Kenya tour travel will also enjoy the amazing weather, great food and hospitality of the locals. Many visitors choose to enjoy this hospitality down at the Kenyan coast. There is a strip of coastal towns that stretches from theportofLamuup north all the way down to the South beach near the southern border with Tanzania. At the coast are white sandy beaches and clear sea waters of theIndian Ocean. Here the temperatures are at an average of about 30 degrees most of the year. Visitors also get to enjoy the marine national parks off the coast of Kenya. There are plenty of water games available such as snorkeling, deep sea diving, water skiing, surfing and all other exciting water games.

Beach volley ball is also a popular sport while an evening stroll on the beach is a favorite with many. Lovers of bird watching and nature will definitely have an amazing time in Kenya. A Kenya tour travel should include excursions to the Great Rift Valley as well as to Western Kenya. There is a great variety of birds, opportunities for long walks while enjoying panoramic views as well as amazing sunsets on the hills. Travelers looking for a truly great holiday should venture out on a Kenya Tour Travel holiday .

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